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sober house mural
Painting the Hope House Mural
AVA Artists Mackenzie Teal (standing) and Mary Hayes work on a mural at the Hope House in Antigo. The facility was purchased jointly by the City of Antigo and Langlade County. It is being managed by North Central Health Care with Toni Kellner supervising the start-up. The mural project is the brainchild of Antigo City Administrator Mark Desotell who asked Marie Benes, chair of the AVA mural committee, if AVA could paint murals on two walls of the facility. Hayes, who is also the AVA secretary, suggested a single mural and a wall of art provided by many different AVA artists. The mural is based on a Carrol Lake photograph taken by Hayes' son Nathan. Coincidentally, both Teal and Hayes have camped frequently at Carrol Lake.