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AVA 2022 Summer Show award winners
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2022 Spring WRAP winners
This spring, not only did AVA host a WRAP exhibit at the AVA Art Gallery in the LCHS Museum, but a STAMP exhibit at the Antigo Public Library. The WRAP art remains in the AVA gallery. The STAMP art was on display from March 14-24 at the Antigo Public Library (APL). Eight pieces of student art received state awards at the March 24 reception. Area art teachers along with area art teaching organizations were asked to mentor students. A total of 43 students entered 52 pieces of art. Tomahawk's Lisa Krueger of Oak View Studio judged the exhibit.

STAMP, or Statewide Teen Art Mentor Program, is part of the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program (WRAP) which began in 1940. The program uses the arts to expand cultural growth and knowledge in rural Northern Wisconsin. WRAP is currently administered by the Association of Wisconsin Artists (AWA) who invited Antigo to join this year.

AWA's Bobby Walker spoke at the reception as did AVA Supporter John Rhode. Walker gave a synopsis of the STAMP program including some history on how it was establiched and why. Rhode, Langlade County's Circuit Court Judge, spoke briefly stressing, "All of the young artists deserved to be very proud of their work."

Judge Krueger presented eight state awards. “It was great to see so many attended the reception," she commented. "I especially enjoyed hearing the artists speak about their art and the process they used in creating it. I encourage them to work on developing their artistic skills as they continue to create beautiful pieces of art.”

Antigo's STAMP program is administered by a committee that includes Antigo High School Art Instructor Justin Markgraf, APL Director Dominic Frandrup, APL Youth Services Librarian Ada Demlow, AVA Art in the Library Coordinator Camille Converse-Smith, and AVA Student Services Director Danna Gabriel.

STAMP provides artists ages 13-19 an opportunity to exhibit their work in both regional and state shows. Each year juried STAMP regional exhibitions, like the Antigo show, are held throughout Wisconsin. The young artists who receive State Awards at the Regional level have the opportunity to enter the juried state conference exhibit. This year the state conference is being held at the Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) in Wausau. The state conference exhibit will be on display from July 8 through August 27.  -  Danna Gabriel

2022 Spring WRAP winners
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Fran & Jim Brown Donate Jim Rowe Vase to LCHS Museum
Jim Rowe VaseLanglade County Historical Society Museum Curator Mary Kay Wolf (right) admires the Jim Rowe vase Fran and Jim Brown have donated to the museum. Brown bought the vase from Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) at its Jim Rowe show reception January 7. "After taking it home," Brown (left) commented," I realized it belonged in the museum. It was just too beautiful not to share it." Brown is a board member of both AVA and the museum. She is also AVA's art historian. A lot of Wisconsin artists are big fans of the art of Jim Rowe, but Jim has no bigger fan than Fran Brown. Brown is an Antigo native. She is also the art historian for Antigo Visual Arts. Last winter, Jim Rowe moved his family from Antigo to Texas. It would be an understatement to say a lot of area artists were very sorry to see the Rowe family leave Antigo.

Jim had spent a lifetime creating intriguing art in a wide variety of genres. But he didn't take that art to Texas. Instead he donated much of it to Antigo Visual Arts to be used a fundraiser. That art is currently available for purchase until March 1 in the AVA Gallery at the Langlade county Historical Society Museum, 404 Superior St., Antigo.

Much of his work has already sold, but some very impressive pieces remain including framed art and pottery. Pottery, like the vase being donated by Fran Brown, was an early passion. But, according to Brown, "Jim Rowe quickly became a master of the pottery wheel."

As time wore on, however, hunching over a pottery wheel day after day took its toll and Jim Rowe was confined to a wheelchair. That, however, didn't halt his creativity. He moved on, mastering graphite, punch needle, acrylics, paper cutting, block printing, collage, mixed media . . . The list goes on.

AVA's Spring show hangs the first week of March and any Jim Rowe art that hasn't sold at that time will come down. AVA would like to see that art spread throughout the community, so . . . during February 26 all of the remaining framed Jim Rowe art and his pottery will be sold for 50% off the tagged price. "We want to see Jim Rowe's art hanging throughout the community," Brown commented, and selling it at very affordable prices truly makes Jim Rowe's art available to everyone.

AVA Fab Lab Visit Educational and Enjoyable
AVA Virtual Art Gallery
A sampling of AVA artists who recently visited the Antigo High School Fab Lab. Following a visit you might think the "Fab" stood for Fabulous. It very well could, but it really stands for "Fabrication." Here is where ideas for business and/or industrial projects come to life. Todays designers are trained on 3d printers, laser printers, computer numerical control (CNC) lathes and other state-of-the-art equipment using todays technology. Best of all, this technology is not just available to the AHS students and instructors, the Fab Lab is open to the public Thursday evenings from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.
AVA Virtual Art Gallery
Want to create one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts? You can do it at the Fab Lab. Here the finishing touches are applied to a lathe-turned pen. This pen is being turned on a manual pen lathe. The Fab Lab, however, also has three CNC pen lathes. You are only limited by your own imagination at the AHS Fab Lab.
AVA Virtual Art Gallery
The AVA logo is carved into a block of wood by a CNC X-Carve vertical router at the AHS Fab Lab.
AVA Virtual Art Gallery
The AHS Fab Lab CNC plazma cutter at work. It took less than 20 minutes for the cutter to carve out the piece Fab Lab instructor Mike Parizek holds in the image below. This machine has a working size of a 4' by 4' piece of material and the capacity to cut up to 3/4" thick steel plate. Not only can it make metal art, it is used to make many parts for different manufacturing projects such as farm equipment and trailers.
AVA Virtual Art Gallery
Fab Lab instructor Mike Parizek hows off the completed metal carving that is being cut in the mage above. The piece was designed by an 8th grade student Rodney Meidl. "With the help of AHS senior Erika Gravitter," Parizek commented, "he was able to complete this wonderful piece." The software we used to cut this was the design program ASPIRE 11.0.

Brian Ponshock Completes
Armed Forces Mural
AVA Artist Brian Ponshock spent several weeks working on the mural he created for Neve's Furniture. Weeks, however, don't describe just how much time and effort went into this project. The photo at the left shows Brian spraying the final protective clear-coat on the mural. But Brian is almost lost in the picture. So, the top inset picture shows more of Brian than the mural, but it certainly isn't Brian's most flattering side, so we also included the middle image that shows the big smile that Brian is almost always flashing. The bottom inset picture was taken the day Brian started the mural by applying the primer.

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Art in the Senior Center
Art in the Senior Center AVA artists Jim Martinsen, Rosemary Bauknecht, and Greg Koeppel hang art in the Senior Center of Langlade County. The center is located in the old Family Video building at 904 Fifth Avenue. The center officially opened June 12. Eight AVA artists have their work featured. In addition to Martinsen, Bauknecht and Koeppel, they include Jackie Lescher, Mary Hayes, Camille Converse-Smith, Toni Edge, and Joanne March.

In addition to the Senior Center, AVA artists also have their work featured in the Antigo Public Library and the Antigo hope House.

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We invite you to visit the
AVA Virtual Art Gallery

AVA Virtual Art Gallery
Our Virtual Art Gallery features more than 100 images of paintings, pencil sketches, mosaics, photography, wood carvings, sculptures and more. Many of these items are award-winning works of art. All are created by AVA Artists.
You are invited to join AVA
All area artists are welcome to join AVA - If you're interested, stop by the AVA Gallery at the Langlade County Historical Museum, 404 Superior St. Antigo and pick-up an application form. Membership forms can also be downloaded here. Questions? check out our Join AVA page.

AVA membership offers all area artists several benefits. Funds generated through membership dues has allowed AVA to:

    Provide an identity to area artists
    Provide a learning experience for artists at all levels
    Host judged shows with cash awards
    Provide funds for meeting speakers, and workshops

Dues are $25 annually for an individual, $35 for a family, or $15 for a full-time student. Scholarships for full time students are available. Email AVA's Student Services Director Danna Gabriel.

AVA shows and exhibits - Judged shows are open to everyone, and offer cash awards, so artists will have an opportunity to earn back their show fees and more. Some judged shows may also include an art raffle and/or a people's choice award. AVA art exhibits feature the artwork of AVA members only. AVA offers four shows a year. The Spring, Summer & Fall shows are all judged shows, while the Holiday gift shop is open to AVA members only.

Our mission is simple . . . "We envision an arts-based community partnership in which every citizen has opportunities to explore, experience, and develop an appreciation for the visual arts in order to maximize their potential."

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